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Sallet One: What should I do if I lose my hardware wallet? How to restore the wallet?

Many users with crypto assets will choose a hardware wallet to store large amounts of cryptocurrency. Some people can't help but wonder: if the hardware wallet is lost, will the cryptocurrency be lost with it? If the hardware wallet is damaged, can the coins stored in it be retrieved? If the hardware wallet manufacturer goes bankrupt and runs away, can my hardware wallet still be used?
In fact, in the blockchain world, mnemonics are the only proof of asset ownership. Whether your hardware wallet is damaged, lost, or the manufacturer runs away, as long as you keep the mnemonics, you don’t have to worry about asset loss.
Take Sallet One as an example, no matter whether you lost the hardware wallet of Sallet One or not, as long as it supports the standard mnemonic vocabulary, you can retrieve your assets by following the steps below: 1. Turn on the new Sallet One hardware wallet and select "on the homepage. Recover your wallet"; 2. Find your mnemonic words and enter them in order; 3. Set the wallet password; 4. The wallet is restored successfully.
Sallet One has opened all source codes. Users can easily create and restore cold wallets with the hardware wallet source code. As long as the mnemonics are not lost, Sallet One hardware wallets can even be passed on to the next generation to ensure the security of digital assets forever.
So, how should the mnemonic phrase be kept safe? Generally, we do not recommend using online methods to record mnemonic words, because hackers are likely to crack your online information, including social networking site accounts, emails, etc. If you really want to view the mnemonic words online at any time, split the mnemonic words into 2-3 copies, and put each copy in a different network location. It is safer to copy it in a notebook and keep it in a safe place. You can also buy a fire-resistant, high-temperature-resistant metal mnemonic secret box and steel plate, and store the mnemonic in a safe or other safe and reliable place after backing up the mnemonic.

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