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For long-term storage of large amounts of cryptocurrency, you still need a hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are also commonly referred to as "cold wallets", which are tools for offline storage of encrypted assets and kept in the hands of the owner. It can be said that it is the best way to store encrypted currencies. In contrast, hot wallets, which store encrypted currencies online, are vulnerable to hacker attacks and phishing, and hot wallet manufacturers may run away with money. Therefore, it is usually recommended that people use a hot wallet to store small amounts of cryptocurrency for frequent transactions. If you store a large amount of cryptocurrency for a long time, it is recommended to choose a hardware wallet that is not connected to the Internet and is completely open source.
There are different styles of hardware wallets, some are like a USB drive, transactions need to be connected to a computer, which is complicated and not convenient enough. Some hardware wallets are like credit cards, which are easy to carry and can be traded at any time, but without a screen, users cannot see their transactions and the whereabouts of money on the hardware wallet. Other hardware wallets are like mobile phones, with screens that are easy to carry and operate.
From the data transmission method, the hardware wallet can be divided into USB connection, Bluetooth transmission, NFC transmission and QR code transmission. Hardware wallets are not connected to the Internet, and need to communicate with a networked computer or mobile phone program to send and receive coins. Most of the hardware wallet brands that came out initially use USB connections, and the client needs to be installed on the computer, and the computer is connected to the computer to send and receive coins through USB. The upgraded version that was born uses Bluetooth connection, and some credit card-style cold wallets use NFC transmission. In recent years, some hardware wallets with large screens have come out. It is more convenient and faster to transfer data by scanning QR codes with Internet-connected mobile apps. At the same time, QR code encryption is more secure than USB, Bluetooth, and NFC transmission.
Sallet One uses two-dimensional code communication. The 4-inch large screen is simple and intuitive to operate. It is never connected to the Internet and is completely open source. It only makes the safest cold wallet.

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