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Analysis of the hardware wallet transmission scheme, which is the better choice?

At present, the mainstream hardware wallets on the market are divided into USB transmission, Bluetooth transmission, QR code transmission and NFC transmission.
USB is a solution adopted in the early days of hardware wallets. When using it, you need to connect to a computer and use the computer desktop application to send and receive coins. This is related to the lack of development of the mobile Internet in the past, and hardware wallet developers will give priority to the need to connect to the computer. Most later hardware wallets do not use USB transmission.
In addition, we usually don’t think that the NFC solution is a suitable solution for hardware wallets, because NFC requires the wallet to be attached to the back of the phone, so we must either look at the screen of the phone or the screen of the wallet during use. It is difficult to do both. There are also many hardware wallets with NFC transmission that do not have a screen, so it cannot even verify the authenticity of the address, which is a very insecure solution.
Who is better between Bluetooth transmission and QR code transmission?
The advantage of the Bluetooth transmission scheme is that the size of the transmitted data is not limited, and the transmission of the QR code is relatively limited. After all, the information that a QR code can contain is limited, and some scenarios that require large data transmission, such as a large number of bitcoin transactions, Bluetooth It can be transmitted at one time, and the QR code transmission can only be transmitted in multiple batches.
But in terms of security, QR code transmission is higher than Bluetooth transmission. On the one hand, there may be known or unknown bugs in different Bluetooth protocol versions, and there may be security risks in some specific scenarios; on the other hand, the Bluetooth transmission scheme may be interfered by other devices, especially at 10 meters. Targeted interference attacks can be carried out through other Bluetooth devices within a short distance range, which is completely absent in QR code transmission.
Another disadvantage of Bluetooth transmission is poor auditability, which is also a huge advantage of QR code transmission. The user can view all the content transmitted through the QR code in clear text to ensure that any transmitted information is safe, allowing the hardware wallet provider to achieve trustlessness, which means that the user can personally ensure his private key and mnemonic at the data transmission level The word is not leaked, and there is no need to trust the wallet provider or developer, or worry about bugs in the hardware wallet itself.
The Sallet One cold wallet never touches the Internet and is completely open source. It adopts a QR code transmission method, which is simple and fast to operate and guarantees maximum security, just for the best protection of your encrypted assets.

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