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Sallet One: About Bitcoin, you need to know these things


In the past two years, Bitcoin has always been the focus of investors' attention. Whether it is a big rise against the trend or an instantaneous dive, Bitcoin has given investors a heartbeat. The rapid changes in the market have made more institutions and investors look forward to it, and there is a lively scene in the market. So how much do you know about Bitcoin? Sallet One answers for you.
Variable prices
Compared with other transactions, Bitcoin belongs to a young field with novel characteristics and occasional lack of liquidity. Therefore, the price of Bitcoin can experience large ups and downs in a short period of time, but irregularities can be found. This is typical High-risk assets. This changeable price law makes many people get rich in speculation, and many people perish in speculation, so it is not recommended to make large-scale Bitcoin savings.
Transaction irreversible
All bitcoin transactions are irrevocable and can only be returned by the payee. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the security of the transaction in advance during the transaction, and at the same time, select individuals and institutions that understand, trust, or have a good reputation for transactions. It is worth noting that the Bitcoin system can detect typing errors or identify invalid addresses, so some low-level security errors will not be made.
Not completely anonymous
Based on the decentralized trading market, Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, and the true identity behind the transaction address is confidential, but this anonymity is not complete. Bitcoin transactions are public, and transaction records are permanently stored in the network. Anyone can view the transaction records and balance of any Bitcoin address, and it is easy to expose identity information during the transaction. Therefore, Bitcoin transaction addresses need not be reused.
Confirm transaction
Bitcoin transactions often have to go through a process, in which a transaction instruction is issued within a few seconds, and the transaction review is performed within 10 minutes. During this time, the transaction operation can be withdrawn. Therefore, in the transaction, you should repeatedly confirm the address, quantity and other information, especially some users have accepted some unreviewed transactions, which may be fraudulent, and there are certain risks in the transaction.
Protect your wallet
Sallet One cold wallet can realize the offline safe storage of Bitcoin, stand scrutiny, hold assets, and give you the best protection. As long as the cold wallet is used properly, it can provide a high level of security for Bitcoin assets.

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