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What Is a Mnemonic Phrase?

With an aim to simplify complex private keys and help users remember them better, a mnemonic phrase is another form of plaintext private keys.

A mnemonic phrase is generally composed of 12, 15, 18, 21 words. These words are taken from a fixed vocabulary, and their generation sequence is determined according to a certain algorithm.

As your assets can be easily taken away by someone who gets your mnemonic phrase, please make sure that you pay attention to the following three items after backing up your mnemonic phrase:

  1. Try your best to back it up physically, such as write it down on a piece of paper, etc. If you choose to take screenshots or photos, please do so cautiously. It's suggested not to store it in a device that is connected to the Internet, so as to protect it from being stolen by hackers.
  2. Verify the correctness of the backup mnemonic phrase repeatedly, because it may cause huge losses if you get one or two words wrong.
  3. Take good care of the backup mnemonic phrase to protect it from being stolen or lost.

Note: Mnemonic phrases are only kept by users. If they are lost or forgotten, Sallet One Wallet can’t retrieve them. Please make sure to keep and back up your mnemonic phrases properly to prevent loss.

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