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1. Membership

Sallet One is the most advanced cold wallet in the world. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the demand for Sallet One will become higher and higher, so what are you waiting for? Join our members.


The fastest way to earn Bitcoin



Just add your email address and bitcoin address to join our membership plan


Recommend users

You will receive a unique member tracking link, put the link on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and then start earning Bitcoin



When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission in Bitcoin


2. Distributors, bulk orders and customized manufacturing

We are looking for resellers or distributors who can help us develop our distribution chain and promote Sallet One devices to the global population.


You can be an important retail chain that sells to the entire continent, a global distributor with expertise in a specific market, a medium-sized company operating its own electronic store products, or the owner of a small physical store interested in cryptocurrency, we hope You guys join!


If you need customized color and engraving, you are welcome to contact us Sales@SalletOne.com

Before update

Check the version of your Sallet One Cold wallet

1)go to settings;

2) Select "About Us";

3) See Wallet's version.

update Sallet One


step 1


Prepare a U disk that supports TYPE-C interface (it is recommended to use the matching U disk directly)


Format the U disk before use


step 2 Download the update file


Login to the official website of Sallet One and download the latest Sallet One Cold update package

1)Login to the Sallet One official website and download the latest Sallet One hardware update package, such as Sallet-one-cold-v2.0.2.apk

2)Copy the downloaded hardware update package to the root directory of the U disk (your U disk letter is G, and the root directory is G:)

Please do not change the name of the update file.

3) version security check

SHA1: 4be87341156265b10c338f7ec481910abb4cc523

MD5: 27237b8d1ded114665f257931649344e

APK hash: 681a8be943570a2031455fcd462dc9386a1d9a42 (Sallet One Cold V2.0.2)


step 3 update


1 - Open Wallet Hardware and select Settings.

2 - Select the version update, you will be prompted to insert the U disk

3 - Insert the TYPE-C port of the U disk into the Wallet hardware, and the device will prompt you whether to allow access to Mass Storage Deviece, please click "OK".

Cold Wallet will recognize the update file in the U disk and start to extract the update file automatically, please wait and do not pull out the U disk.

4 - The initial update of the hardware will prompt you to install an unknown application interface, choose to allow applications from secondary sources, and return.

5 - When the extraction is complete, you will be prompted Do you want to install updates for this app? Your existing data will not be lost. Please click "Install". Wait about 5 minutes, and click "Finish" when the update is complete to complete the update.

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