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Sallet One: Why choose a fully open source cold wallet

Release Time: 2021-09-13

The functions of hardware wallets of different brands are mostly similar, but there are still high and low points in terms of security architecture design and code quality. From the perspective of open source analysis, hardware wallets can be divided into fully open source, semi-open source and non-open source. Today I would like to share with you why you should choose a fully open source cold wallet.
Regarding the importance of open source cold wallets, a consensus has been reached around the world-only fully open source, auditable, and verifiable cold wallets can ensure that cold wallet manufacturers cannot guard against theft, and can truly meet the needs of users for safe storage of encrypted currencies.
The open source mentioned here is really open source, fully open source, and exactly the same cold wallet can be made based on the open source code. And some brands under the banner of open source are actually pseudo open source-only a small part of the code is released, and the code may be hidden in the code.
Sallet One Cold Wallet has opened all source codes on GitHub and accepts everyone’s supervision, allowing you to clearly understand how the purchased cold wallet’s program runs, whether there are security vulnerabilities, how transaction signatures are done, and data transmission Can it be leaked... so that you can use it with real peace of mind and peace of mind.
No matter if the device is lost or damaged, or Sallet One company has gone through a hundred years, you can easily create and restore the cold wallet with the source code of the Celer cold wallet, keeping your digital assets safe forever. You can even pass on the cold wallet to the next generation.
Sallet One, never connected + completely open source, is the safest cold wallet.

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