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Sallet One: What factors should be considered when choosing a hardware wallet?

Release Time: 2021-10-12


If you want to choose a high-quality hardware wallet, you must not only look at the function of the wallet itself, but also comprehensively examine the strength of the service provider, product follow-up services, code open source issues, security offensive and defensive settings, and market reputation. In order to accept the test of the market, Sallet One Cold Wallet has built a technically professional and experienced development and operation and maintenance team with comprehensive strength in the development, maintenance, upgrade, and service of hardware wallets.
·Product design and upgrade
At the beginning of research and development, Sallet One was committed to creating a cold wallet that can be passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, it has set the highest standards for the durability and security of the wallet. Completely sealed airtight hardware wallet, professional-grade 10 meters waterproof design, dustproof and waterproof; adopts aluminum alloy die-casting + precision CNC technology, strong drop and drop resistance, but also resists scratches, scratches and daily wear and tear. The wallet It cannot be opened without permanent damage. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of market development, our cold wallet and Sallet One APP will be upgraded from time to time.
·Security offensive and defensive settings
Sallet One hardware wallet uses an internationally certified security chip to provide absolute security protection; once a vulnerability or physical attack is detected, all secret keys are automatically deleted; Sallet One APP scans the QR code for transaction settings, and is only used for data transmission. Store your private keys, keep your assets offline, and truly realize storage and use operations without touching the Internet throughout the entire process.
·Open source code and supervision
Unlike other hardware wallets, Sallet One has opened all the source code on GitHub, allowing you to review our sincerity in security protection, build a market of mutual trust, and achieve win-win cooperation with you. Using these open source codes, you can carry out secondary development, add any cryptocurrency varieties you need, and provide you with a more convenient and user-friendly service design.
·Market recognition and user reputation
After continuous development and innovation, Sallet One has gained market recognition from Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. At the same time, it has received praise and feedback from many users. In the feedback, it is constantly looking for problems and breakthroughs for further development and upgrading,and committed to providing users with more satisfactory cold wallets.

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