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Regarding the hardware wallet being attacked and cracked, is there any good way for Sallet One

Release Time: 2021-10-19


Common hardware wallet attacks and cracking incidents are mainly divided into three categories. Hackers obtain hardware wallets and perform physical attacks. Users buy second-hand wallets implanted by hackers or users lose their mnemonic words. Therefore, most of these coin-lost news are The active head can be found. At the same time, hacker attacks generally consider the cost-effectiveness of the return. Exchanges or large wallet servers will easily become the first choice of hackers. Therefore, cryptocurrency cannot be stored in networked devices. Hardware wallets that are not networked are a better choice.
As long as you choose a high-quality cold wallet, and use and store it correctly, the security of the wallet will be greatly guaranteed, and users don't have to worry too much. In order to upgrade safety and protection, Sallet One also provides some technical and service guarantees.
First of all, in order to ensure security, Sallet One insists on never touch the Internet + completely open source method, using a hardware wallet that never connects to electronic devices to store cryptocurrency assets, so that hackers can never be found, and there is no mobile phone that can be attacked and cracked. . Fully open source is to allow you to review our emphasis on security. In addition to isolating external attacks on the wallet, Sallet One absolutely abides by professional ethics, with a transparent and open attitude, so that you can use it with more confidence.
At the same time, in order to ensure the security of the hardware wallet in and out of gold, the Sallet One APP can work seamlessly with the hardware cold wallet. The APP is only used to transmit data and will not store your private key, ensuring that the asset is always kept offline, only through the two-dimensional Code to operate. Therefore, even if the connected APP is maliciously attacked by hackers, it will not cause any loss to your assets.
In terms of other security settings, Sallet One uses an internationally certified security chip and has a tamper-proof design. Once a vulnerability or physical attack is detected, all secret keys are automatically deleted. In order to truly become a cold wallet that can be passed down to the world, the Sallet One design also ensures safe use. The completely sealed airtight hardware wallet is dust-proof and waterproof; it is made of metal, which is strong and durable.
Safety is not a slogan, safety is the most important thing in action, and continuous safety protection upgrades are our unremitting efforts to meet the needs of users. In terms of security, you can always trust the Sallet One cold wallet

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