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Sallet One cold wallet, safe and easy to use

Release Time: 2021-10-26



For a long time, cold wallets have been considered the safest way to store cryptocurrency, but complex operations, too small screens, and insufficient convenience have also become the disadvantages of cold wallets. Is there a cold wallet that takes into account both security and ease of use?
According to the survey, users still prefer hardware wallets with screens. Because even if the hardware wallet is fully open source, hackers can use wallets without screens to quietly change the transaction address in the background and transfer your money to his address. The hardware wallet has a screen, and the user can personally approve the operation on the hardware wallet, which is relatively safer.
The Sallet One cold wallet uses a large, easy-to-use touch screen, with a smooth and concise interface design, keeping everything under control.
 Sallet One is very simple to operate, you can easily set up an account in less than 5 minutes, and you can easily implement account backup and restore using mnemonic words. To trade cryptocurrency, you only need to create a transaction on the APP-Sallet One Live, and use the Sallet One hardware wallet to securely sign; the data between Sallet One and Sallet One Live is safely transmitted offline through a verifiable QR code, both The safety of the isolation between the hot and cold ends is ensured, and the operability and high ease of use are ensured through the concise interface and operation. At the same time, Sallet One Live can monitor wallet dynamics in real time and provide a one-stop solution for asset management.
Sallet One cold wallet is a hardware wallet that never connects to the Internet and never connects to electronic devices. All source codes are open, allowing users to use it with peace of mind and make the safest and easiest cold wallet.

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