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Sallet One: Fully protect private keys, security and convenience coexist

Release Time: 2021-11-11

In the world of encrypted digital currency, the private key is the only proof of asset ownership. If the private key is stolen, the asset will be lost. The security of the private key must be ensured.
The private key of the hot wallet is stored in the blockchain. Because of the Internet, it may be broken and stolen by hackers. Different from online hot wallets, the Sallet One cold wallet stores the private key in an internationally certified security chip to ensure the offline storage of the private key, preventing the possibility of the private key being stolen by hackers.
Not only that, unlike traditional hardware wallets that use USB and Bluetooth transactions, Sallet One uses QR code communication to completely isolate the private key from the network. While ensuring transaction security, QR code communication allows users to bid farewell to the setting of traditional hardware wallet scenarios and manage assets safely anytime and anywhere. Equipped with a large 4-inch screen, transactions can be confirmed twice, and the operation is clear and simple. Great convenience.
In order to avoid physical attacks, Sallet One adopts an innovative design. The frame and the back panel complement each other and cannot be opened without permanent damage. It also has a tamper-proof function. Once a hacker gets a device and forcibly attacks it, the cold wallet will delete all private keys.
Regardless of whether the device is damaged or lost, or Sallet One has experienced a hundred years, as long as the user's mnemonic phrase is not lost, the assets can be restored on a new Sallet One device or other cold wallet that supports standard mnemonics.
Now people are paying more and more attention to the open source nature of cold wallets, and they are more inclined to choose fully open source and auditable cold wallets. Sallet One has opened all the source code on GitHub, accepts everyone's supervision, eliminates the possibility of illegal code hiding, and allows users to use it with real peace of mind.
Sallet One, never connected to the Internet + completely open source, only the safest cold wallet.

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