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Understand the safety principles of the Sallet One cold wallet

Release Time: 2021-11-19


In order to protect the security of the cold wallet, in addition to the security settings of the wallet itself, users also need to properly handle the cold wallet when using it. Keeping these security principles in mind will allow you to add a layer of protection in addition to the original high-level protection, making the secure storage of encrypted currency assets truly seamless.
·PIN code protection
Enabling the PIN code protection function can protect cold wallet accounts, isolate lurking hands from attacks and all kinds of unnecessary physical access. To make good use of the PIN code tool, you need to choose a special PIN code. Don't set some PIN codes that are too simple or easy to guess.
·Mnemonic storage
The mnemonic phrase is the "key" to access cryptocurrency assets. Once someone steals the mnemonic phrase, he can easily access your device or wallet assets. Therefore, it is very necessary to ensure the physical security of the mnemonic phrase. Mnemonic words should be stored away from water and fire, anti-theft and anti-theft, do not display mnemonic words in public or shared spaces, and do not backup offline or store them in e-mails.
·Password reminder function
You can add a password reminder phrase to add a layer of protection to the cold wallet. Even if someone steals the device, violently destroys it or tries to crack it, your cryptocurrency assets can still be kept safe. But it is worth noting that you must keep the password hint phrase in mind. Once you forget the phrase, you will lose your cryptocurrency assets forever, and you cannot save it.
·Get the second Sallet one device
Obtaining the second Sallet one device is a preliminary security feature. Once the cold wallet device is lost or the mnemonic phrase is stolen, you can transfer the cryptocurrency assets to the second Sallet one device as quickly as possible, and to the greatest extent possible Reduce the security risk crisis.

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