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Sallet One digital currency cold wallet, protect your assets from appreciation

Release Time: 2021-12-03

Because hardware wallets can withstand cyber attacks, it has become the highest standard of cryptocurrency wallet security. However, although the popularity of cold wallets by cryptocurrency users has been on the rise in recent years, they are still held by only a few people. Many people prefer a simple hot wallet when choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, rather than a sufficiently secure cold wallet.
However, as the value of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, security should also be given sufficient attention. Last year alone, the average value of cryptocurrencies increased by 1100%, and the value of some such as DEGO and CHZ even increased by more than 3000%. If the user's cryptocurrency was attacked by hackers during the early investment period, or lost coins due to phishing and other reasons, the loss of this potential profit would become a huge loss. For example, if you lost $1,000 of Bitcoin last year, it may now be equivalent to losing $10,000 of Bitcoin.
This risk of property loss makes hardware wallets the most insurable measure to protect asset appreciation. It can not only prevent damage to current funds, but also prevent the loss of considerable profits that may be obtained in the future.
Why are hardware wallets more secure? Because the hardware wallet is not connected to the network, the private key is kept offline. In particular, Sallet One uses a QR code to transmit data, and does not use Wifi, USB, or Bluetooth connections, so that the private key never touches the Internet. At the same time, in order to ensure the highest level of isolation for your private keys, the Sallet One hardware wallet system uses a secure element, which makes the ability to interact with other parts of the device very limited. In order to ensure the integrity of the device, Sallet One is equipped with a tamper-proof function, making your hardware wallet a solid line of defense for your private keys.
Sallet One cold wallet, never connect to the Internet, never connect to electronic devices, open source code for everyone to supervise, only the safest cold wallet.

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