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Compared with hard disk wallets, Sallet One cold wallet advantages

Release Time: 2021-12-16


Since the birth of cryptocurrency, safe storage has been an unavoidable problem, and cryptocurrency wallets were born. From web wallets, mobile wallets to hardware wallets, from hot wallets to cold wallets, with the continuous deepening of technical research and the accumulation of trial experience, the wallet system is constantly being upgraded. Unlike the original hard-disk wallet, the Sallet One cold wallet is superior in terms of security settings and user experience.
Hard disk wallets are mainly wallets made with ordinary U disks. Although encrypted currencies can be stored separately from the Internet, they do not have a complete password protection function. Once the hard disk wallet is stolen, it is easy for people to transfer encrypted assets. At the same time, when the hard drive wallet is plugged into a computer, it is easy for hackers to steal the wallet address and transfer the assets, which has a high risk factor. Hard disk wallets are afraid of water and drops, so you need to be careful when using them. Once damaged, it is too difficult to restore the wallet, and it is difficult to restore encrypted assets.
But the Sallet One cold wallet can achieve 100% offline storage, completely isolated from the network, so that no smart hacker can take advantage of it. At the same time, the cold wallet adopts 12 mnemonic words. Whether the device is lost or damaged, you can use the mnemonic words to quickly restore the wallet and keep the security of encrypted assets forever. These mnemonic words are the wealth password passed to the next generation. Sallet One is a completely sealed airtight hardware wallet that is dust-proof and waterproof. The device is made of metal, which is very sturdy and durable. It can be used as a cold wallet that can be passed down to the world.
Sallet One is committed to making an open source cold wallet that anyone can afford, a cold wallet that can be passed down to the world, and a cold wallet that never touches the Internet. The times are advancing, the market is developing, and Sallet One has never stopped. We will always serve your needs.

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