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Sallet One: How to choose a safe and cost-effective cold wallet

Release Time: 2021-12-21

As we all know, among all kinds of digital wallets, cold wallets have always been the most secure cryptocurrency wallets. They can disconnect the Internet to prevent cyber attacks and are the patron saint of digital currencies. Exchanges, companies in the currency circle, and large trading companies almost all come standard with cold wallets, but for retail investors, those cold wallets of thousands or even thousands of yuan are too expensive and cost-effective.
Research shows that price is not the main factor in choosing a cold wallet. Hardware wallets are still based on safety and reliability, and it is best if they can be both cost-effective. Of course, it's not that the cheaper the better, or the more expensive the better. Looking at the current global mainstream hardware wallets with reasonable architecture, safe and reliable, the price is generally between 100-200 US dollars. A price that is too cheap will make people feel that the quality cannot be guaranteed. If it is too high, it is basically a false high. It is very likely that it just pinches the user's "expensive is good" mentality. For some retail investors, choosing a hardware wallet must keep their eyes open and don't be fooled by the simple price.
The Sallet One cold wallet is currently priced at $100. It never connects to the Internet, never connects to electronic devices, and is completely open source. You only need to pay an additional 35 US dollars to get the open source code that is permanently updated for free. Eye-catching.
For a long time, the use of cold wallets often means complicated operations, and even requires a computer to be connected to transactions. This is one of the reasons why many investors who often trade digital currencies know that cold wallets are safer but choose hot wallets.
The Sallet One cold wallet uses a 4-inch large screen touch operation, which is very in line with people’s habits today. It transmits data through encrypted QR codes without connecting to a computer or mobile phone. You only need to scan the QR code with the mobile APP to make transactions. The operation is simple and convenient, and even a novice can easily control it. It can be said that it is the best choice for hardware wallets with security, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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