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Release Time: 2022-11-18

Do you want to know:

Is my hardware wallet really safe? Is there a hidden code program?
What does the program running on the hardware wallet look like?
How is the private key generated?
How is transaction signing done?
How does the communication between hot and cold wallets work?

Sallet One latest open source code program

Take full control of your hardware wallet at once

update at any time

Sallet One's code is continuously updated, only one purchase is required, and you will get free code updates for life

Secondary development

Open source code has secondary development, you can add some required currencies based on our source code

Can be restored at any time

As long as you keep in mind the 12 mnemonics, you can use the open source code program to restore your cold wallet on the new Sallet One or other standard devices, and you can even pass on the source code to the next generation.

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