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Sallet One Wallet

Release Time: 2022-11-18

Sallet One Cold Wallet

Blockchain crypto asset cold wallet that never connects to the Internet and never connects to electronic devices

Sallet One is a blockchain crypto-asset protector

Physically isolated network risk, Offline decentralized storage, Transaction security signature using a QR code


Sallet One is a completely blank offline hardware wallet that only relies on QR codes to transfer data, does not require any network transfer devices (such as USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth), and is 100% protected from hacker attacks.

Absolute protection from tampering

Once a vulnerability or physical attack is detected, the tamper-proof function will delete all keys and absolutely protect your private keys in the event of device loss or theft.

Easy recovery

If you lose or damage your device, you can use 12 mnemonics to easily restore your wallet on a device that is not connected to the Internet.

Blockchain Asset Cold Wallet Your Best Choice — Sallet One Cold Wallet

Sallet One Cold Wallet

  • Professional grade 10 meters waterproof design, dust also has no chance
  • Adopt aluminum alloy die-casting + precision CNC process, strong anti-fall ability, but also can resist scratches, scratches and daily wear
  • Internationally certified safety chip and never touch the net design scheme to provide absolute security protection
  • Innovative design, the frame and the back plate complement each other, can not be opened without permanent damage

Open source code program

  • The first cold wallet with open source code, anyone can view
  • Eliminate Trojans and hidden code, ensure information security
  • You can always use the source code to generate a cold wallet program to run on unconnected devices

Easily manage and trade cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere

Cold wallets have never been easier

To trade cryptocurrencies, simply create a transaction on the Sallet App and sign into it securely with Sallet One. Data between Sallet One and Sallet App is transmitted securely offline via a verifiable QR code.

Intuitive interfaceEasy-to-use large touch screen
Smooth and concise interface design, everything is under control

Easy to useEasy account setup in under 5 minutes 
All cryptocurrencies can be stored in one account, open multiple accounts as needed
Easy account backup and restore with mnemonics

Top ServiceFull operation instruction
One-on-one expert services

Equipment size and weight: 118 * 66 * 9.7mm       Screen: 4.0 inches,       Packaging size and weight: 138g

Operating temperature: -10 ° C~ + 60 ° C                   standby time: 128 hours

Safety and Certification: Certified by CE and RoHS, so it meets all quality requirements; can be taken with you on board an aircraft; like all modern electronic devices, x-rays will not damage it.


Sallet One is a high-security cold wallet that allows users to easily trade and exchange encrypted currencies.——Coinbase

I fully support Sallet one's all-open source approach, which can put everyone who uses it at ease.——

Sallet one has a solid plan in terms of safety and ease of use and is a very competitive product.——

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