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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Welcome to Sallet one Sallet one is committed to providing you with the best customer experience. The following terms and conditions will apply to customers who purchase as end users.

Article 1 Important

To order products on this site, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old and have the legal ability to sign a contract.

You choose the products you need according to your needs, and then follow the ordering process on the website.

After the product is added to the shopping cart, please follow the instructions provided in each step on the website to complete the purchase. Please check the accuracy of the product before clicking the “Order” button.

After the product is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation and invoice.

Please note that Sallet one can decide on its own to limit the number of goods ordered on this website.


Article 2 Prices and Promotions

Sallet one reserves the right to change the price of any product at any time. Please note that the actual price charged will be the top purchase price at the time of order.

The displayed price of the product does not include shipping costs, unless specifically specified on the website. Transportation costs include processing costs for orders and deliveries. They may vary according to size, packaging weight, choice of transportation means and delivery address, and are personalized when placing an order.

Sallet one may offer discounts, bundle sales or other promotional activities on this website from time to time (hereinafter referred to as "promotional activities"). Unless otherwise specified, such promotions are not cumulative, and only end-user customers are eligible. Promotions and promotional codes are only applicable to certain product lines.


Article 3 Reservation of Ownership-Payment

The price at which the product will be invoiced is the price displayed on the website's checkout page when the order is placed. The price expressed in cryptocurrency is the price provided by our exchange rate provider when ordering.

Payment must be made in time when ordering. If the payment is not received, or in the case of abnormal payment, Sallet one reserves the right to suspend or cancel the order or deliver it.


Article 4 Delivery

The product will be delivered to the delivery address you specified when placing the order. The risk of product loss or damage will be passed to you at the time of delivery.

After receiving the order, you are responsible for checking the condition of the product, packaging, packaging and content when delivering or collecting the product. If any defects are found, in this case, you must follow the procedures provided by the transportation service company and specify the order number within eight days after delivery to notify Sallet one of these defects.

Indicate the delivery time when placing the order. These delivery times are indicative and may vary by transportation service company. Sallet one is not responsible for any delays caused by the


Article 5 Withdrawal Rights

You enjoy the right to refund the return. You can apply for a refund or replacement within 7 days from the date of receipt. You can send an email to to contact us. You must return the intact product in its original packaging. The cost of return shall be borne by you at your own expense.


Article 6 Intellectual Property

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or rent any or all of the software contained in it. Similarly, you may not decompile or attempt to extract the source code of such software unless the law authorizes the right to decompile and is within the limits set by this law or obtains our prior written authorization. The foregoing terms do not apply to the open source software used by our products. These can be provided under an open source license that we will provide you. Open source licenses may contain clauses that cover some of these conditions.

You must not make any changes to the product (for example, you must not disassemble and reassemble), you must not delete the distinctive features of the label or trademark on which Sallet One sells the product, or add any brand name or description, and you must not repackage the product. You must not modify the content in your inbox (unless you need to comply with local laws or regulations and can only be modified after discussing with Sallet One), and you must not make statements that are inconsistent with the Sallet One documentation.

You must not copy or allow any third party to copy any part of the product, and you must not communicate any information that allows any part of the product to be copied to a third party. You may not directly or indirectly participate in the sale of any product that infringes the rights of Salletone.


Article 7 Personal Information

During some operations, Sallet One may process and collect personal data.

Information about how Sallet One uses data and how cookies are used on the website can be found in our privacy policy and cookies policy.


Article 8 Compliance with the law

By placing an order on the website, you promise and agree that you will not violate any law to import, sell or otherwise transfer the product, and you represent that delivering the product to you will not violate any law or regulation of the country of delivery. . In some countries/regions, you may need to register as an “import entity” and/or obtain a specific import license in order to import products using cryptographic technology. Before placing an order, please ensure that you comply with these conditions.

Finally, you promise that you will not purchase equipment on this website for military purposes.


Article 9 Applicable Law – Mediation – Jurisdiction

If you have any complaints or questions about the product ordering on the website, please contact Sallet One by e-mail. Please describe your problem and mediation measures in detail in the e-mail to find a friendly solution to the dispute.  

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