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Sallet one Terms of Use

This agreement is a software license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") signed by you (hereinafter referred to as the "user") and Sallet one regarding the use of the Sallet one cold wallet product. Sallet one hereby reminds users to carefully read and fully understand the terms of this agreement, especially the terms of use restriction and liability limitation. The user's use of the Sallet one cold wallet will be deemed to be that the user has fully understood and accepted the constraints described in this agreement (including any modifications made by Sallet one to this agreement at any time).


Article 1 Interpretation

1.1 "Cold wallet" refers to a wallet product that stores private keys of digital assets and never connects to the Internet. Sallet one cold wallet is a hardware wallet, which is used to generate mnemonic words randomly, and private keys of different currencies are generated from the mnemonic words. In the end, the private key generates the public key, and finally the public key generates the asset address to realize the safe storage of digital assets.

1.2 "Private key", a randomly generated string, is the only proof that the user has the ownership of digital assets.

1.3 "Public key" is generated by one-way derivation of the private key with the help of cryptographic principles, and used to generate the blockchain digital wallet address. The digital wallet address is the public receiving address.

1.4 "Mnemonic words" refer to 12 ordered words generated by a random algorithm in accordance with the industry standard of the blockchain BIP39. It is an easy-to-record expression of the private key, which is convenient for users to backup and keep.

1.5 "Security password" refers to the password set by the user during the process of creating the wallet. This password is used to verify the signature during transfer, and it does not participate in the generation of the private key and can be reset.


Article 2 Important Notice

2.1 Before using the Sallet one cold wallet, please read the contents of the product manual carefully, and operate the purchased equipment products strictly in accordance with the contents described in the manual.

2.2 Please remember the mnemonic phrase when creating the wallet and complete the backup of the mnemonic phrase in time. It is recommended that the user copy the mnemonic phrase to the specially designed mnemonic phrase backup paper card of Sallet one and keep it properly. For the mnemonic phrase, users should pay special attention: do not disclose, do not enter in any web page, do not transmit through network tools, do not use mobile phones to take pictures, and do not store electronic versions (including but not limited to: screenshots, emails, mobile phones) Notepad application, SMS, WeChat, QQ, etc.).

2.3 The products provided by Sallet Company do not save the user's mnemonic words and passwords, so they cannot provide mnemonic words, password recovery and retrieval functions.

2.4 If the user inadvertently causes the mnemonic phrase, password, wallet device to be lost, forgotten or leaked, any loss arising therefrom shall be borne by the user and has nothing to do with the purchase of the Sallet one cold wallet product.


Article 3 Restrictions on Use

The user agrees and guarantees that Salle one shall not be used to engage in acts that infringe on the rights of others or violate the law. Anyone who violates it shall bear all legal liabilities.

The above actions include:

(1) Using platform services in the name of others;

(2) Engaging in any illegal transactions, such as selling guns, drugs, prohibited drugs, pirated software or other prohibited items;

(3) Provide gambling information or induce others to participate in gambling in any way;

(4) Suspected of money laundering, cash-out or MLM activities;

(5) Engaging in any behavior that may use or spread computer viruses or may infringe platform service systems, data, etc.;

(6) Use the platform service system to conduct behaviors that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or mobile network;

(7) Maliciously interfere with the normal progress of digital asset transactions and disrupt the order of digital asset transactions;

(8) Use any technical means or other means to interfere with the normal operation of the platform or interfere with other users' use of platform services;

(9) Maliciously slander the platform's goodwill by falsifying, exaggerating facts, etc.;

(10) Other platforms have legitimate reasons for deeming inappropriate behavior.


The final interpretation right belongs to Sallet One.

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