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Shipping Policy

 1.shipping time

Usually, we will process your order within 3 working days after receiving your order, and then it will take about 7 to 15 working days to reach your hand. Due to some special circumstances and force majeure factors, the delivery time may be delayed.


2.Shipping method and cost

Sallet cooperates with DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS and other companies. According to your address, we will choose the fastest shipping method to transport your goods. At checkout, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the weight, size and destination of the items in the order. Shipping costs will be charged with the goods.


3.Support purchase area

All areas where the logistics can be delivered are supported for purchase



Import duties and taxes for international transportation may be paid upon arrival in the destination country. This will vary from country to country, and Sallet one recommends that you understand these potential costs before placing an order with us. If you refuse to pay duties and taxes when you arrive in the destination country/region, the product will be returned to Sallet, and the return shipping fee and post shipping fee will be borne by the customer


5.Tracking notifications

After delivery, we will inform you of the cargo transportation courier number so that you can track the logistics information at any time. If the delivery time exceeds the expected time, please contact us and we will track the logistics information for you


6.Lost and damaged package

  6.1Damage during transportation

  When signing for the goods, please check with the courier in person to verify whether the goods are intact or not. In case of damage, please refuse to sign for the goods. Please contact us in time. If the package is delivered without you, please contact our customer service in time

  6.2Lost package in transit

   Once the courier has investigated and believes that the package is missing, we will immediately process the refund or replace the package.


7.Delivery terms

  7.1Change delivery address

  For requests to change the delivery address, we can change the address at any time before placing the order.


  The insurance limit for loss and damage to the package does not exceed the value specified by the courier.

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