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Sallet One Live is just an auxiliary tool and will not store your wallet credentials or private keys. This means that your digital assets will remain completely offline,
and the private key will only exist on your physical wallet and will not be stored in mobile or desktop applications. In other words, even if the App is maliciously hacked, it will not cause losses to your digital assets.

Securely manage cold wallet assets

Sallet One Solution

After Sallet One Live and Sallet One cold wallet are paired, you can easily manage and trade digital assets

Just one account

Our setup allows you to save all supported coins under one account. Open multiple accounts as needed.

View balances and real-time rates at real-time prices

View all your balances.

The App wallet is compatible with BIP standard protocol

International common standard for recovering assets in other wallets that support this protocol

Hardware security design concept, multiple encryption to ensure the safety of user assets

Multi-chain, multi-currency wallet, fully support mainstream currencies, with more currencies continually added

Sallet One One-Stop Crypto Wallet App
For all your cryptocurrency needs

QR code data transmission

Sallet One Live uses QR code technology to transmit data, which can be used with Sallet One cold wallet for maximum security.

Convenient and free management

Easily implement multi-signature and password account management, providing a variety of usage scenarios

Secure storage

Offline storage of private keys, Never touch the net, Secure Encrypted Assets.

Multiple security check mechanism

The screen displays complete transaction information, entity key confirmation, and multiple security verification of the transaction process


The Sallet One Live is a decentralized wallet. It never asks for any information. You have complete privacy rights when using Sallet One. (KYC is required only for the money-making function)

Support multi-chain assets

Full support for mainstream currency ecology, BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20 version, TRC20 version, Omni version), BSC, HECO, TRX, EOS, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETC, Dash, ZEC, DOGE, etc.

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